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EXPO 2000 18:00 o'clock

August 15, 2000 23:59


It has to be said, 50% are already over!

Tonight, the first half of the EXPO 2000 is over, in other words, now you will have only two and a half months to visit the famous world exhibition in Hanover, Germany. But at the evening, close to 6 p.m., the North entrance looks like you will see it on the pictures below. Now it is time for the evening tickets (DM 15,-). These tickets are dated and valid only at the printed date.

If you click on a thumbnail, you will get a 640-point picture.

picture legend picture legend
counters There are only short queues at the counters. queuePossibly someone will think, what should happen now...
queue...nothing happens, but 10 minutes after the open of the gates you are inside! I am inside...And this is how it looks behind the main entrance, there is a lot of space...!

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