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EXPO 2000: Buy a CD

Dear Visitor of this WWW-Pages!

Valid also in 2005/2006!

As I announced in the guestbook, this www-pages completely together with all pictures are burned on a CD-ROM. This CD will autostart (Windows 95, 98, NT) and requires a functional www-browser on your PC. If you are able to see my www-pages from internet, you have to see the CD-data also. If you are using an older version of CD-ROM drive (single or double speed) sometimes you will be unable to read burned CD's. In this case simply send back the EXPO 2000 CD.

This announcment was accepted well, so now the phase runs to complete the pictures and the text translation.

So now here the announcment, to burn a CD with the following content:

1. The complete website "http://www.luszcz.de/expo2000/" according to the EXPO 2000 with all pictures, as you can see on this site. Today more than 750 pictures are present.
2. The top 100 requested pictures (in the format approx. 2100 * 1560 points) for your own processing and for private usage as well as screen background picture.
3. A completed link-page with all the links to EXPO 2000 sites I found during the development of my site.
4. Now also the 106 pictures of the Paris-trip, won at the German Pavilion (Text in German language!).

The CD will be equipped with a coloured coverpage, consisting motives of the EXPO 2000, example see bottom. The CD is available now, Austria, Canada, France, Germany, Taiwan R.O.C and U.S.A. are the receiving countries up to now, most orders from Germany.

Inside Germany: EURO 14.50 inclusive 16% VAT and 1.50 EURO delivery.
Outside Germany (Europe and World, earth delivery): EURO 17.00 inclusive 16% VAT and 4.00 EURO delivery.
Outside Germany (Europe and World, air-mail): EURO 21.00 or US-$ 25.00 inclusive 16% VAT and 8.00 EURO delivery.

If you want to buy such a CD, please send me a e-mail with the your complete address (no postbox please!) required for delivery and with the note 'EXPO2000-CD'. Please enter the amount of CD's you need, because this CD is also a nice gift for your friends!

I have prepared a e-mail, press the following button and please enter the appropriate data: e-mail order

Your address data will be used only for this CD order and for the delivery. Your private information will not be given to other companies oder persons. The privatcy of your personel information will be guaranteed! But remember: e-mail is not sure in general, a lot of people are able to read the internet traffic.

The processing of your order is done by: BLS Barbara Luszcz Software, Windthorststrasse 13, D-30167 Hannover, Germany.

CD-Cover A sample of the CD-Cover..., and of the original CD! CD picture

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