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EXPO 2000 Terrain

Here is an overview of the terrain, the points of interest, the events and the activities going on on the streets and places. Naturally, this cannot list everything taking place, it is just meant to give you an impression of what the atmosphere was like, when I was there and took pictures.

If you click on the small picture, you will get a 640-point picture instead, if you click on the marked link or on the more..-box, a new page related to this theme will be opened.

picture subject, hints picture subject, hints
ARD Studio

Visiting the ARD studio
German Broadcast System with a live TV and Video recording.
Beat Box: Music EventsBeat Box
Sweden, Entrance of ROBYN.
Belvedere: Dance of the whirling dervishes

Turkey, Dance of the whirling dervishes.
Big TipiBig Tipi
Big tipi on the west EXPO 2000 ground, used for music events (Spectators age 15 - 25 years?).
Exponale: Large footbridge

Large footbridge in the dusk, Eastside, connects east and west grounds of the EXPO 2000.

The Flambee, sorry, pictures are bad...
cantilever roof

The large roof
Details of the large cantilever roof (made of wood) on the west ground.
Mexico: Flying Humans

Flying humans, coming down a trunk 30 meters high by using a rope.
Daily parade

Daily parade along the "Allee der Bäume", starting at 16:30.


Plaza-Big Band of the German Armed Forces
Ferris wheel

Ferris wheel
It is supposed the biggest portable Ferris wheel of the world and allows you to have a look over the east EXPO 2000 ground.

Rest area east
Other objects in the East end of the EXPO 2000 area.
Spain: Tower build by humans

People, building a tower using their bodies.
The whale

The whale, home of the YMCA and lots of other organizations.

Zero Emissions Research Initiative ZERI

Miscellaneous und various

This stuff, I could not place in any other category.

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