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EXPO 2000 Hints and Tips

If you are visiting the EXPO 2000, please let your penknife at home. All things resembling weapons, will be detected by the check-in process at the three entrypoints to the terrain. These weapons will be taken away and you are forced to use the same exit point as you use at entry point. The weapons will be stored locally at the entry.

If you use a pram / baby carriage at entry East, then you can pass the queue on the left side. At the checkpoint you will be given priority treatment, but only one adult per pram!

You can find Food and beverage at nearly every corner at the EXPO 2000. There are lots of restaurants, bistros, drink dispensers and so on. The prices are high, which is quite normal for events of this dimension. Please do not bring drinks into the area with glass containers, it is forbidden! Hint for the Chimarrao - Restaurants: You have to pay DM 80,- per person, but you drink and eat what and how many you want. The starters are exquisite, like the whole meal. It isn't fast food, you have to spend time for this!

For photographers: If you want to buy a film at the EXPO 2000: Yes, they are available at every shop and at the three or four special shops for photographers. But remember: Watch the colour of the packing material. They are all yellow without any exception! The only film available at EXPO 2000 comes from the Unites States of America, there is no other film present! Therefore, the price for these films is high, very high! Please, buy your required material outside of the EXPO 2000 area, you will get nearly twice as many films for the same price.

The whole area is well equipped with waste disposal containers. Nearly on every place you can find such a container. They have designated boxes for the different types of waste. Each location also contains an ashtray. Please use these containers, keep the area tidy!

Electrical cars You can rent these electrical cars. With them, it's much more comfortable to explore the huge EXPO 2000 grounds. But of course, they aren't cheap!

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