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EXPO 2000 Table of Contents

Because these www-pages increase in size and number, it was necessary, to build a table of contents for you (and also for me!). Hint: If you click on a small picture, you will get a larger display of this picture. Now the English translation is finished, if you find any error, please send me a e-mail, describing the fact and the solution. Thank you!

General information about the EXPO 2000 in Hanover
   Arrival and traffic, Uestra 4 pictures, link City-Map
   EXPO entry, your behaviour 1 picture
   Award at the German Pavilion October 15, 2000 15 pictures
   Pictures of the won Paris-Trip 106 Bilder, not translated...
   Halls and pavilions 24 pictures/links
   Other halls and pavilions 13 pictures
   Terrain: Objects of interest 15 pictures/links
   Site plan EXPO 2000 halls and pavilions (traffic) 6 pictures
   Other EXPO 2000 objects 1 picture/link
   Hanover: The City, its inhabitants, its infrastructure and the EXPO corp.
   Making of..., must be...
   EXPO 2000, 18:00 o'clock, August 15, 2000, halftime! 4 pictures
   EXPO 2000, Rankinglist of the calls from this site! table
   Guestbook, forum, feedback-form, e-mail

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   An epilogue, written by my wife Bärbel

Exhibitions about EXPO 2000 in Hanover
   Maintal: Photo exhibition EXPO 2000 at the historic townhall Hochstadt, Herbert Begemann. 24 Bilder

EXPO 2000 in Hanover and following events...
   NDR 2: EXPO 2000 Revival Party, 31.05.2001, at the Plaza. 7 Bilder
   Hannover hat nun einen Platz der Weltausstellung. 6 Bilder
   Das EXPO Ost-Gelände am 31.05.2001. 11 Bilder
   The EXPO 2000 east area in June, 2002. 46 Bilder

Countries, for which I have more information available
   Africa, hall, west 28 pictures
   Albania, hall, west 1 picture
   Andorra, hall, west 4 pictures
   Australia, pavilion, west 8 pictures
   Austria, hall, west 6 pictures
   Bangladesh, hall, west 2 pictures
   Bhutan, pavilion, west 2 pictures/link
   Brazil, hall, west 11 pictures
   Brunei Darussalam, hall, west 3 pictures
   Cambodia, hall, west 2 pictures
   Canada, pavilion, west 20 pictures
   Caribbean Isles, hall, west 8 pictures
   Central America States, hall, west 5 pictures
   China, PR, pavilion, east 6 pictures
   Colombia, pavilion, west 1 picture
   Czech Republic, pavilion, east 4 pictures
   Denmark, pavilion, east 5 pictures
   Ecuador, hall, west 8 pictures
   Finland, pavilion, east 6 pictures
   France, pavilion, east 1 picture
   Germany, pavilion, east 17 pictures
   Great Britain, pavilion, east 6 pictures
   Hungary, pavilion, east 4 pictures
   Iceland, pavilion, west 1 picture
   India, pavilion, west 11 pictures
   Indonesia, hall, west 4 pictures
   Iran, hall, west 6 pictures
   Italy, pavilion, east 1 picture
   Japan, pavilion, west 8 pictures
   Jordan, pavilion, east 6 pictures
   Kirgisic Republic, Halle, West 2 pictures
   Korea, pavilion, west 4 pictures
   Latvia, pavilion, east 1 picture
   Liechtenstein, booth, west 1 picture
   Luxembourg, booth, west 2 pictures
   Malaysia, hall, west 8 pictures
   Malta, hall, west 1 picture
   Mexico, pavilion, west 11 pictures
   Monaco, pavilion, east 1 picture
   Mongolia, hall, west 3 pictures
   Morocco, hall, west 3 pictures
   Nepal, pavilion, west 12 pictures/link
   Netherlands, pavilion, east 12 pictures
   Norway, pavilion, east 6 pictures
   Panama, hall, west 12 pictures
   Paraguay, hall, west 4 pictures
   Philippines, hall, west 2 pictures
   Poland, pavilion, east 6 pictures
   Romania, pavilion, east 9 pictures
   Russia, hall, west 10 pictures
   Singapore, pavilion, west 8 pictures
   South Pacific Isles, hall, west 4 pictures
   Spain, pavilion, east 5 pictures
   Sri Lanka, pavilion, west 1 picture
   Switzerland, pavilion, east 9 pictures
   Tajikistan, hall, west 3 pictures
   Thailand, pavilion, west 6 pictures
   Turkey, pavilion, east 3 pictures
   United Arab Emirates, pavilion, east 14 pictures
   United States of America, pavilion, everywhere 4 pictures
   Uzbekistan, hall, west 9 pictures
   Venezuela, pavilion, west 15 pictures
   Vietnam, hall, west 1 picture
   Yemen, pavilion, east 8 pictures

Themes or institutions with more information
   ARD German Broadcasting System, hall, west 6 pictures
   Bigband of the German Armed Forces, Plaza, east 5 pictures
   Catapult ball, west 7 pictures/1 link
   Christ pavilion, the EXPO church, east 4 pictures
   Daily parade, Allee der Bäume, west 48 pictures
   Dance of the whirling dervishes, Belvedere, east 12 pictures
   Euro, the new currency of Europe 7 pictures
   Exponale, large footbridge west - east 7 pictures
   Ferris wheel, east 4 pictures
   Flambee nightshow, near woodroof, west 18 (mostly bad) pictures
   Flying men, terrain, east 25 pictures
   Fun Sport, hall, west 8 pictures
   Green point, German waste disposal / recycling company pavilion, west 12 pictures
   Human tower, Exponale, west 25 pictures
   Islam, hall, west 1 picture
   It was Oktober 2, 2000 8 pictures
   Nations day at the Plaza, east 6 pictures
   PAPMAAF, Project, Plaza, east 28 pictures
   Planet of Visions, pavilion, west 9 pictures
   Plaza Latino, west 6 pictures
   Policeconcert, Plaza, east 7 pictures
   Recreation area, east 12 pictures/links
   Some other things 18 pictures/links
   Sponsors (Lab 01, Die Bahn) 5 pictures/link
   T-Digit, terrain, west 4 pictures/1 link
   Vatican, pavilion, west 4 pictures/1 link
   Waterworlds, area, West 6 pictures
   WebCam-pictures from Africa, wildlife parks 2 pictures/1 link
   Woodroof, terrain, west 7 pictures
   YMCA / CVJM, pavilion, east 4 pictures/1 link
   ZERI bamboo house, pavilion, west 7 pictures/1 link

Links to private and official EXPO 2000 www-pages
   Other interesting EXPO 2000 links!

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