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EXPO 2000 Country - Information

On this page you will find one picture per country and a short description of the picture.

picture legend picture legend
Albania Albania: This country isn't rich. But they present, without spending much money, a well prepared exhibition area. No multimedia, multivision, multi....!
France France: Here's a nighttime picture for you!
No other Pictures available, but a nice Pavilion! The main theme ist mobility. At space, air, ground, underground and water. There are lots of exhibits covering all aspects of mobility of humankind. If you have a chance to visit this pavilion, do it!
Iceland Iceland: A nice pavilion (west). You should go to the upper floor and watch the movie until the end. All of a sudden a geysir will erupt. Go slowly, you have to see some important objects. Italy Italy: Has a fantastic pavilion (east), but inside a very good knowledge of the italian language is required. Some exhibits (environment themes) are without any explanations.
Columbien Colombia: The pavilion (west) shows historic gold statues. Then it follows a circle movie on several screens with many views about and around this country. Laos P.D.R. Lao P.D.R.: A booth in hall 26 (Asia, west) has a nice building and cheap food available.
Latvia Latvia: The pavilion (east) is equipped with an interesting inverted thatched roof. But the rest of the exhibition I could not understand! Liechtenstein The principality Liechtenstein has a booth like the name of the country. It represent light and stone.
Malta Malta: The booth (hall, west) has dedicated staff, who is well informed and gives good explanations. If you visit Malta, please visit all floors! Monaco Monaco: This pavilion (east) is surrounded by expensive boats. And the prices inside this pavilion are very high as well! But they have a nice 3D-movie!
Planet M Planet M (Bertelsmann, Germany) we haven't seen yet, due to extremly long queues at the entrance. No time for that...!
Sri Lanka Sri Lanka has a large pavilion on the western ground, a great shop and hand made jewellery! Vietnam Vietnam: Their booth is primarily a shop for East Asian goods, but they have low-priced food and beverage available.

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