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EXPO 2000 Presentation of prizes

German Pavilion 15.10.2000 - 12:00

The German pavilion started a competition in August 2000. They wanted to award the funniest idea of making publicity for the EXPO 2000 and win visitors for this world exhibition in Germany. Most important was the idea, and not the amount of visitors attracted.

The prizes finally given were five trips:

1. A world trip for two persons, 21 days
2. Lisbon for two persons, one week
3. Andalusia-tour with visiting Sevilla for two persons
4. London, a weekend for two persons
5. Paris, a weekend for two persons

In short: We received a letter from the German pavilion with the following analogous essence: You have won a prize! But which one it is, you will be told on October 15, 2000 during the presentation of the prizes in the German pavilion. Analogous to the Oscar presentation, as soon as it sounds: "...and the winner is..." you will receive your prize from Professor Claus Groth, manager of the German pavilion company.

picture legend picture legend
5. prize The presentation started with the 5. prize, a journey to Paris. Here, the details of our www-pages are introduced. 5. prize Presentation of our prize, the travel documents, for us.
Typical: I had a lot to do with the pages and my wife gets the prize!
5. prize And for the ladies a very beautiful bunch of flowers. 3. prize The winners of the 4th prize were absent, so the 3rd prize was presented to Mrs. Dagmar Müller. For a long time she was a selfmade "EXPO-ambassador" and translated a greeting letter into 62 different languages. So she established contacts all over the world.
2. prize The 2nd prize was given to Mrs. Heidrun Veit from Hamm. She had a weekly broadcast at a small radiostation with hints and tips around all EXPO-themes. 1. prize Mrs. Catrin Döpke was awarded the 1st prize. At the marksman house of Rodenberg she built a model of the EXPO: The German pavilion was a sofa, other countries were built by different furniture.
All The manager of the pavilion and all the winners in one picture! Jury The Jury had a hard time selecting the winning ideas out of 450 application letters. For their work we want to thank them!
Buffet After the official part was over, the buffet was opened. No one reacted, so I started the attack on all the nice things. Someone said: He has no problem opening the buffet! Buffet Well, that was good ..., how smart of my wife to enter our idea for the contest!
3. prize Mrs. Dagmar Müller and her prize. 2. prize Mrs. Heidrun Veit poses in front of the official label of the German pavilion.
grandson Lukas Our grandson Lukas, who was the only one to interrupt the presentation by loud exclamations, finally getting hungry. But Granny could fix this! press entry Now we finally were allowed to enter the German pavilion through the press entrance. The first time we weren't admitted, but with a little patience...!
EXPO 2000 The ceremony is over, now we take a walk through the EXPO with typical "Norddeutschem Wetter" German (north) weather.

Other pictures of the ideas and the missing couple of the 4th prize will follow, as soon as I get more information!

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