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Here you will find information regarding the travel to and arrival at the EXPO 2000 in Hanover. The information source is partially unknown, otherwise the author will be noted. Most facts are extracted from the EXPO Journal of the HAZ (Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung). You will get a larger picture by clicking on a thumbnail.

Die Bahn (DB): If you have sold a ticket at the german railway "Die Bahn" (DB-Voucher), you MUST go to the normal counter (NOT to the red EVENT-counter!) for changing the voucher to a reguar ticket for the EXPO. AND you can do this only at the day the voucher is dated, NOT on the day before! Attention: In the early morning you have to wait, because a lot of people are waiting!

If you have any questions concerning the EXPO 2000 and you are unable to solve this by WWW, call the following phone number (INSIDE GERMANY ONLY!): 0-2000. If you want to order a wheelchair (for a handicapped person) at the EXPO, you can do this by calling this number: 0511-8404-72-660. Please place your order min. 24 hours before arrival.

If you are looking for a street or place in Hannover, there is a link to, they have an overview and a street catalogue available. At this URL you will find maps of Germany and Niedersachsen (area around Hanover). Also a map of the exhibition area exists.

If you are staying directly in Hanover during your visit, you should use the streetcar/tram (Stadtbahn) of the Uestra ( for reaching the EXPO. Tickets: All EXPO-Tickets are also valid as tickets for arrival and departure to/from EXPO for all connections of the GVH (Großraumverkehr Hannover), which is separated into three zones. If you want to use buses or streetcars/tram not related to your visit to the EXPO you have to buy a normal ticket. During EXPO time (June to October 2000) there is a three day ticket available, priced DM 18,-, which allows you to use buses and streetcars/trams in all three zones for an unlimited amount of trips.

Tramstop east   Uestra   EXPO-map   Platz Ost
 This streetcars/trams Stadtbahn-Linien take you to the EXPO 2000 eastern ground: 6, 11, 16.
 This tram Stadtbahn-Linie stops at EXPO 2000 north: 18.
The Uestra tram line 11 does not go to the EXPO eastern ground from monday until saturday between 12:30 - 21:00!
The trams Stadtbahn-Linien 1 and 2 stop close to the railway station Laatzen/Eichstraße near EXPO 2000 west.
Attention: These lines are not recommended for visiting the EXPO 2000, because the distance between stop and EXPO entrance is too long!

Tip: The stops EXPO north and EXPO east are located close to the EXPO entry gates. The stop "railway station" (S-Bahnen!) is as far as 500 meter to the EXPO-entry west. Skywalk with escalator!

I have loaded the map of streetcar/tram Üstra Stadtbahnen (, as a .pdf dataset. If you want to see the map, you must have installed the Adobe Acrobat Reader as plugin. You don't have it? Please download this plugin from Adobe ( and install it! Display map:Uestra-map.

S-Bahn Railway (Die Bahn, DB): S 1, S 2, S 4 und S 5.

All information and prices are given only for orientation purpose and without guarantee. All of this is subject to change without formal announcement. In each case the rules and prices of the official organizer have precedence. If there are problems regarding copyright or pictures, please send me an e-mail. The same is true for other questions or hints! Thanks a lot for visiting my site.

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S-BahnInformation for the railway traffic inside of and around Hanover.
Source: EXPO 2000 Wegweiser, Die Bahn (DB).
RegionalverkehrOther regional traffic around Hanover.
Source: EXPO 2000 Wegweiser, Die Bahn (DB).

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