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EXPO 2000 Africa hall

Hall 12

The hall 12 can be recognized easily since it is decorated with huge sail-like or surfboard-like constructions in various colors. In the hall you'll find a lot of booths of the different african countries or kingdoms. Since the booths provide plenty of information as well as interesting and unusual insights and are richly decorated I do strongly recommend a visit to this hall.

And once there, you shouldn't miss the basar. Other pavilions have basars as well, but this one offers the variety of the whole african continent. In addition you are able to compare the different goods more easiliy.

If you would like to have a closer look to all the booths you should plan to spent two hours in this hall.

picture legend picture legend picture legend
African WebCamWeb-Cam pictures directly from Africa. African WebCam These pictures I took from the following address WebCam. The URL was given to me in hall 12. Please click the symbol in order to access the Web-Cams in Africa. Then you will be able to watch certain areas of the national parks (remember that nature is one of the EXPO 2000 themes!).
African 01Hall 12 is the African Hall, directly at "Allee der vereinigten Bäume" (Avenue of the united trees) Africa 02Partly view of Ghana Africa 03This pool with squash bottles is close to South Africa.
Africa 04Kingdom of Swaziland, impressive expression power! Africa 05The furniture of this bar was made of recycling cans! Africa 06Even the walls of the restaurant were made of cans!
Africa 07Booth of Mozambique Africa 08This basar offers goods from all exhibiting countries in this hall. Africa 09Stage in the Africa hall, where even wellknown groups perform,...
Africa 10...that attract their audience! Africa 11Eritrea exhibits solar energy projects. Africa 12Common booth of the Sahel zone, in this picture Senegal...
Africa 16...Sahel zone, Gambia. Beautifully made up group! Africa 14An example of solar technology, in this case pumps! Africa 15Ghana build this "toll" bridge (DM 2,-).
Africa 24This kind of figurines can be found at many booths in the hall. Africa 17Amidst all booths, you can watch the stars in the african sky. Africa 18Richly coloured and very informative booth of Nigeria.
Africa 19Tansania displays the charme of the jungle ... Africa 22... and the highest mountain in the continent, the Kilimandjaro. Africa 20Malawi's booth...
Africa 21...and Malawi's fish! Africa 23Booth of the organization Children of South Africa. Afrika 13Heavy furniture made of recycled materials in the restaurant.
Burkina Faso15.10.2000
Nations day of Burkina Faso...
Burkina Faso...and arrival of the widen stuff at the Plaza. As you can see, the weather isn't soo good at this day!

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