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EXPO 2000 Andorra - booth

Andorra comes with a booth you cannot miss! The name of the country is written with the largest letters I have seen at this EXPO 2000. It's a funny relationship between the size of the country to the size of the letters, because Andorra belongs to the smallest countries of this EXPO 2000.

The booth brings as the last attraction a movie on a screen, which has the outline of a mountain. So you will see nice spatial effects during the projection of the film having fast changing scenes.

picture legend picture legend
letters This large letters I was unable to photograph completly even using a 20 mm fisheye! Sponsors You also can't miss the sponsors of this booth.
Biotope Close to the entry of the booth you find this small but nice biotope. Biotope And if you want to know the location of this country, see this. It's located inside the Pyrenees.

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