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EXPO 2000 Australia - Pavilion

Australia build a very red pavilion in the western ground, that is also very crowded most of the time. To distract the visitors waiting in line a big video screen has been installed, that displays Australians talking about their terrific country, its nature and its economy.

Once inside, a large bassin presents the beauty of the Great Barrier Reef. Then a nicely arranged exposition awaits you, but you'll need more time to see everything than the people behind you are ready to give you. Just stay relaxed and where you are, if they try to push you further.

picture legend picture legend
Queue You can only enter if you are standing in line. FishesFishes in their australian environment.
FishesEven bigger than the others... BoomerangThe different kinds of boomerangs are explained.
RunIf it gets very crowded, try to stay and finish reading the explanations! The ShopAs in most pavilions: The shop that offers typical goods.
solar vehicleOutside a technical masterpiece is displayed: A solar vehicle with a special motor, it's efficiency over 96%. RestaurantBehind the vehicle is the restaurant, but Fosters Beer is served in other places as well.

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