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EXPO 2000 Brazil - Booth

Hall 21

Brazil occupies a large area in hall 21. You can recognize it by its huge walls made of tiny wooden pins, that can be pushed or pulled in order to display symbols, text or statues. Behind these walls a very interesting and sometimes surprising exhibition on several floors waits to be explored.

For this booth you will need a lot time since there is a lot to be seen, even behind the doors!

picture legend picture legend
total viewWhen you see this wall, you have found the brazilian booth! stuff in Granny's living-roomThis looks like Granny's living-room, but there is a meaning to it.
floor... taken from the map... map...better to have a look at it from the first floor.
SpecialNothing to be said to this ... Special... you have to ...
Special... find out for yourself ... Special... what is where!
mapMap from high above. WallEven grown-ups cannot resist playing with the wall.
At this day are (too?) many visitors in the hall 21.

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