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EXPO 2000 Switzerland - Pavilion

Switzerland has probably the most unusual pavilion at the EXPO 2000. A structure made of solid wood simply piled up. Only huge steel springs hold everything in place and stabilize the pavilion. One of the advantages is the comfortable climate inside the pavilion even if it is very hot outside.

And the live music performed inside doesn't really correspond to the image the Alp republic has in one's mind.

My over all impression: You definitely should visit this pavilion and you'll need a little bit of time to decipher all the exhibits!

picture legend picture legend
Pavilion from the outsideView of the impressive swiss pavilion. Inside with a restaurantInside with a restaurant. You can also see some musicians at work.
legend of exhibitAn example of the exhibits found inside! constructionHere you can see the steel springs and supports that hold the pavilion together.
Interior = mazeThe whole structure is open to the sides, but it resembles a maze nevertheless. Enjoy exploring it! swiss pavilionVery visitor-friendly are the seats large in number. Here you can sit down and study the "exhibits".
InteriorAnother "room". musiciansDuring another visit to this pavilion I witnessed this sound wonder. Too bad, I couldn't record it.
From aboveView from the roof of the dutch pavilion. In the front you can see the british pavilion, the tent is the Belvedere.

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