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EXPO 2000 Germany - Pavilion

Germany's pavilion was constructed with inwards leaning (concave) walls made of glass, which are worth seeing. The first part of the exhibition inside the pavilion does appear as a major construction site, it is, however, finished!

Caution: You can enter the exhibition and the film theatre through various entrances. The numbers above the doors indicate the height in meters of the bridge from which you will proceed thru the exhibition and see the film. After entering the exhibition through one door you cannot change to another level!

Caution inside the theatre: The whole construction was tested and approved, but there have already been two accidents because people sat on the barriers and then fell off the railings. Even though the railings have been raised, please stay off, even if you cannot stand anymore, in the next part of the exhibition you will be able to sit down and relax a little!

There is no way to avoid the theatre, but if you have a baby with you or if you cannot stand dark rooms, you should contact a host or hostess and they will lead you to the next part of the exhibition. For all the rest of you it is: first, the hall of heads, then the movie and last but not least the huge theme hall, for which you'll need plenty of time. But you can sit down and don't miss the film on the upper screens, it is very interesting!

picture legend picture legend
Pavilion view from the outsideView of the impressing german pavilion with its concave glass walls. If you think you might have missed something inside after having completed the fixed tour you might be right: Besides the three parts explained above there are a theatre, a restaurant, a press office (journalists only! I wasn't allowed!) and offices for the administration.
words of thanksWords of thanks in front of the pavilion. Exhibition of the headsExhibition of the heads: whose head was responsible for which achievement is explained on the rolls at the railing.
Exhibition of the headsView from the upper walkway (11 m): down below you can see the information rolls at the railing. Exhibition of the headsView from the upper walkway (11 m): from here, you can see how big the hall really is.
Not only headsNot only heads are in the exhibition!
But it was truelly difficult to chose the people worth being in this exhibition!
text panelInformation that didn't fit on the rolls was written on these text panels. Afterwards you will come to the theatre. Caution: Please, do not sit on the railings!
Multimedia hallAlmost everything is spinning and turning, and in the arms there are screens. The screens above provide an 360 movie theatre! Multimedia hallA slightly mishappened picture of the entire hall, taken from the grandstand.
Multimedia hallAnother view of different exhibits. Multimedia hallThe german contribution to the space program!
Another picture!
Multimedia hallIf there is no film showing it can get a little dark. Multimedia hallA piece of "the wall" and a modell of the "Reichstag", everything from the land of Berlin!
Man of glassYou can see his insides since the guy is made of glass! Man of glassWith a little patience the man will eventually become illuminated. The original is more impressive as this picture.
very early carGermany is famous for his cars. This exhibit is a very old ancestor of the car with which Mika Hakkinen won the Formula One 1999.

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