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EXPO 2000 Finland - Pavilion

Finland' s pavilion offers something for everyone. In between the different buildings you walk through a finish forest.

The exhibition displays impressions of the nature (also via an animated screen) and technology. The first part of the exhibition with its actions and computer animation is not only interesting for the younger visitors. You can also sign one of the big rolls.

People who have already been to the Finnish pavilion can only advise to come and see it!

picture legend picture legend
reception This nice lady named Kaysa is probably one of the most photographed persons of the EXPO 2000. language genious The flags on the name tag tell you which languages are spoken by the staff.
Not only for kids Unbelieveable what you can use mobiles for. First exhibition hall Even when it is crowded, you should walk slowly to be able to discover all technical tricks. The raindeers actually move on your command! Have a go!
The Pavilion The finish pavilion seen from the outside. I remember times when you could just walk in! The Pavillon 02.10.2000 11:00
The finish pavilion is borderd by the queue! It's a real good pavilion.

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