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EXPO 2000 Hungary - Pavilion

Hungary created a beautiful pavilion with an open architecture! The covered interior on both sides offers a lot of information about history, culture and science. There is for a change only a little bit of multimedia which suits the pavilion perfectly.

There are no pictures of the exhibition itself. Please explore it for yourself!

Tip: The hungarian restaurant located to the right of the pavilion offers a nice white wine for DM 3,00 ! One glass 0,1 l that is.

picture legend picture legend
Pavilion - seen from outside View of the beautiful pavilion from across the street. Pavilion at night Nighttime picture. Since it took 25 sec. to expose, all visitors are gone!
Sculpture next to the pavilion Sculpture next to the pavilion. Chime This Chime plays every hour in addition to "normal" music (Yesterday).

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