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EXPO 2000 India - Pavilion

India, with its ancient culture has build a beautiful pavilion on the western ground. The exhibition is worth seeing. They offer meditation (enrollment!) and practical demonstrations of the ancient indian healing art (e.g. Ayurveda). Besides the historical traditions the latest technical achievements are displayed as well, without too much multimedia: a convincing concept!

After the relaxing tour through the exhibition you exit the pavilion and are lead to several booths that offer indian products.

Watch out for the booth on the right side, that offers goods from bare feet people. Let yourself be surprised. On the back of the pavilion there's more information related to this topic!

picture legend picture legend
pavilion entrance This is how you enter the pavilion when it is your turn. Pavilion Nice looking, ain't it?
Pavilion interior Unfortunately, I discovered the plastic wrap after I took the picture. But this is probably how it looks in the upper class. Teppich Ain't that special! A carpet with jewels.
fabrics and colors It seems to be an important industrial branch in India: fabrics and colors. health This treatment hurt me even from just watching it, the patient enjoyed it however!
Astronomy Next to this astronomical poster you can find models of ancient indian observatories. Taj Mahal Unfortunately, there was only a model of the Taj Mahal. Too bad, I'd really like to see it!
Rockets The Indians put our satellites in space. (Why can't we do that ourselves?) Entrance Whatever it is, it is located in the entry hall!
Shops That are the shops I wrote about earlier. Have a look at them!

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