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EXPO 2000 Iran - Booth

Asia - Hall 26

The Iranian booth is a mystery to me: First, the pillars at the entrance show the numbers 2001, but I couldn't find out what this means. Like many other booths I couldn't make out any exhibits relating to the EXPO theme Human-Nature-Technology. Just plenty of history in pictures and a quite interesting film in the film theatre of the large booth.

The second part of the booth located across the aisle mainly presents carpets: Since it was close to closing time, it was difficult to explore the area. Taking everything into consideration, I really didn't get the meaning of the Iranian booth.

picture legend picture legend
booth The Iranian booth seen from the bridge of Uzbekistan. Why does it say 2001? Teilansicht History, garden, partial view.
Screen Nice pictures but how do they relate to the EXPO theme Human-Nature-Technology? partial view Partial view of the exhibit.
carpets Here you can see very beautiful carpets made of silk, if I remember correctly. booth The second part of the booth. In the background you can see the carpets.

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