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EXPO 2000 Japan - Pavilion

Japan build a cool construktion made of recycled paper and wood garbage. The builders are very proud of it, as you will see by following the tour through the pavilion. But it really is amazing, so you should accept the long waiting time!

On walking through the pavilion you should watch out for tiny details that are hidden anywhere. The main part of the exhibition is located in the islands in the lower part of the pavilion. There you can find some visions that may help mankind in the future. But there are also more substantial pieces of advice as to how you can think of tomorrow and help preserve the earth. It makes you wonder!

picture legend picture legend
Pavilion interiorCan you find this sign? Upper interiorA lot of light and air in this room. You reach the multimedia dome.
multimedia domeThis is how the dome looks from close by. DetailAnd this kind of performance cannot be seen anywhere else!
IslandsThese islands house the exhibit. You should go through them! Building materialsSomewhere along the way you can find the materials used for the pavilion.
FrontNice looking, ain't it? Oh well...On entering the Grünen Punkt you'll have this view! By the way: the weather is much better most of the times!

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