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EXPO 2000 Yemen - Pavilion

Yemen presents itself in a red pavilion which colour doesn't resemble that in the pictures (the film ist too sensitive for red!). At the entrance some yemen artists perform.

The exhibition offers information about the country, its people and its culture. Since there are a lot of exhibits on several floors, you'll need time to see everything!

picture legend picture legend
Pavillon FrontYemen's pavilion as seen from the street. Panel at the entranceThe picture of the panel was hopefully mounted in the correct direction.
View of the pavilionAnother picture of the pavilion. In the front you can see an icecream booth as can be found anywhere on the whole EXPO grounds. DetailPart of the building, several floors high.
MusiciansEven on the walkway the dancers and musicians perform. In the back you can see an attraction for kids. PavilionWell, the round-about isn't meant for visitors that tiny!
FolkloreBack to the artists! frighteningYou have to see this:
Just a trick, of course. It doesn't go so fast!

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