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EXPO 2000 Canada - Pavilion

The pavilion of Canada occupies a whole hall and is uncompromising designed for coping very large amount of visitors. This starts in the queue, where a employee inform the waiting visitors: Canada owns the second largest pavilion at the EXPO 2000 and let some hundreds of visitor through every 10 minutes. It continues with exhibits without any description or explanation, not to stop the movement of the visitors.

We came to the cinema, the screen is mounted horizontally under the roof. The shown movie changes scenes rapidly. In addition on some scenes start a fountain, different colors, below the screen. The visitors are sitting in a circle around the screen and have to look at top. So half the people can watch the movie correctly, the other see the pictures in the wrong direction. This changes often.

There are other parts of the exhibition. Interesting for me: The collected weapons (war and criminal) shows a way to peace. A lot of monitors, but sparingly written description / explanations.

All in all this pavilion came away with mixed impressions and a taste of "Don't stay too long here!". More than ten years ago I visit Canada, so I am disappointed not to see the virtue of the canadian people, the highlights of nature and the (formerly) very good infrastructue at this exhibition.

The shown pictures based on a question from Canada (guestbook/email; many thanks to you, David!). The newspaper in Canada, like Germany, reports mostly bad news or nothing at all regarding the EXPO 2000.

picture explanation picture explanation
Pavilion, QueueMain entrance and the queue in front of the pavilion. Main entranceAfter a short waiting period we see the exhibition.
MonitoreMonitors, as long as you can see. The pictures sometimes are hard to understand. Many visitorsA lot of visitors, so it becomes difficult to find the exhibits.
FigurThis huge statue possibly belongs to the history of Canada, but there is no information available. floorThe floor, made by glass, shows shining flowers and the monitos show running water. Don't stop, the cinema is waiting!
round cinemaCinema, the screen is mounted horizontally under the roof. Sometimes there is a illuminated fountain. round cinemaDue to the circular ordered chairs the rapid changing pictures also changing the direction on screen will be very strenuous!
TouchscreenWith this touch screen you will display many pages. The lower one can be tilt. InnenClearly arranged exhibition but only few visible information.
Schneemobil?Looks like a snowmobile, there are no explanation present. North terr.Map, showing Canada north territories.
sledgeA sledge: rendeer or dog, old or new, restored? Only questions... weaponThis construction, consist of war and criminal weapon, shows a way to peace on earth.
weaponMay be thousands and thousands of arms. GedankenShow a good promise for the EXPO theme "Human, Nature, Technology".
sewageA well documented example of the care of the environment. This kind of exhibit should be more presented. DetailWay to exit.
ShopThe shop. outside viewPavilion of Canada viewed from the Asia-hall.

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