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EXPO 2000 Caribbean - Booth

Hall 21

Experience the caribbean way of life in their multi-colored universe! This booth is surely unique at the EXPO 2000. During my visits I haven't found any booth or pavilion that was that rich in colors! I mean, it doesn't look bad or so, it's just really different! Considering how the staff treats the booth and its exhibits the Caribbean won't see me as a tourist though. They seem to believe that everything slightly out of order isn't worth beeing repaired and is just thrown out. Makes me wonder...

Unbelieveable, but they actually offer information about the different countries or islands of that archipelago and they do that in a very appealing manner! Once there, you should go for the bar and order a cocktail. It is a little pricy but it's great! You should explore this booth if you're really interested in the countries of the Caribbean.

picture legend picture legend
BoothThe side walls of the entrance. StandThis is the entrance, you have to see for yourself if it really is this strong in colors.
dollIt may be just a doll, but if they actually wear that stuff... Miss UniverseThey even brought their Miss Universe to Hanover, unfortunatle only in a picture, but it's a start!
MasksThere are some masks hanging from the fake trees that you are allowed to try out, local feeling! ServiceThe bar, I can actually recommend their drinks, they fit the booth in their colours!
BoothAdditional views of this booth. Keep your eyes wide open! ShopAnd finally their shop!

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