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EXPO 2000 Mexico - Pavilion

Mexico build a pavilion consisting mostly of glass. It will be reused by the university after the EXPO 2000. The tour starts with a 180 theatre show, taking you through the history of Mexico. Afterwards you are lead through an entertaining tour through the pavilion of long ways.

The offered information is well organized and nicely arranged. If you want to learn more about the mexican culture and people you should stay a little longer in this pavilion. There's a lot to be seen and read.

picture legend picture legend
Pavilion The theatre hall. Theme: A bow through the history. The present was cut a little short, though. ...waiting... Halfway through the line you have an appeasing view over the front lawn.
...waiting... Later on you get to watch some artificial fountains. In the back you can see some typical goods from Mexico! Art of contruction There's something missing on this wall!
Symbol Now it's your turn. First, you have to listen to the explanations, though! Hall This room must be explored cupboard by cupboard!
hallway The long hallways are decorated with lots of paintings and other good stuff. Wall I have no idea what this is for, but it looked good!
Panels There are some illuminated pictures, interesting stuff! Shop Naturally, one can admire and buy the goods from Mexico as well.
Restaurant The restaurant seemed to be rather quiet. But at night it's party time!

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