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EXPO 2000 Nepal - Pavilion

If you are interested to see wood-carvings (like Bhutan) or if you want to see, what can be constructed by wood using simple tools, then you have to visit this lovely pavilion in the west-area. With a little bit of luck you can see a craftsman perform his job! Handmade work, remember!

Don't forget to visit the lawn behind the pavilion, in the corner you will find a cooking hall. Inside, naturally handmade specialities will be prepared for you. You should accept the waiting time, they do a really good job.

picture explanations picture explanations
Pavilion entry So you will see the entry to the pavilion. Pavilion inside From the outside border you will see the richly decorated temple in the center of this pavilion.
Pavilion inside Other view of this nice temple. The parts were carved in Nepal and assembled in Germany. 200 people worked for three years on it. Kopfteil This is a top mounting part for the shelter. The whole construction is equipped with these parts.
Workplace of a craftsman There are two places in the outer area where you can see (sometimes!) one or two craftsman at work. If this happens to you, stay there and have a look! fragment This Fragment is located in the outer part of the pavilion.
Pavilion The whole pavilion is completely decorated with carvings. Green area Lawn around the pavilion. There are some benches, just sit down and orientate yourself! Become relaxed!
Pavilion You can see here: I'm fascinated by this building! Top of roof In Nepal, this top of the roof would surely be gold-plated, if this is also true for Germany, I could not discover it!
Multi-arms Sometimes I bake a cheese cake, and often I find, that a human is misconstructed (not enough arms and hands!), but here I found the solution for this problem. Multi-arms Also, in Nepal the women are better equipped. The reason for that may be, that they have to work much more as a man?

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