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EXPO 2000 The Netherlands - Pavilion

Our neighbours have definitely erected a monumental building, that tops the surrounding pavilions by several floors. It is one of the most favourite pavilions of the visitors which results in a long waiting time. And it doesn't help to come early since the pavilion doesn't open up until 09:30 a.m..

Finally we got to see it. The trip to the top (elevator) was fast and the view from up there is awesome. And note how the Dutch have put the theme human, nature and technology to life in the whole structure.

picture legend picture legend
Pavilion from the outside View from the North. Pavilion from the outside The pavilion seen from the South. Note the wind power plant on the upper floor.
Pavilion Evening view taken from the West. Trees and forest View of the tree floor: A tiny forest ist displayed. The real trunks carry the whole structure!!!
trees' floor At the right you can see two of the three escalators. trees' floor This kind lady helps you with questions relating to forests and trees.
trees A new group of tourist explore the tree's floor. flower's floor The Netherlands are the country of flowers. That's why they dedicated a whole floor to them. The bees are harmless, though!
flower's floor Another view of the flowers with the theme: The Netherlands creates room for new ideas. Dunes The ground floor provides several surprises. Discover them on your own!
Dunes Naturally there's more to discover than I showed you. Take your time to explore the six floors! End of the tour, you're getting close to the exit.
Detail And when you have exited the pavilion, turn around and try to make out the six floors!

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