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EXPO 2000 Norway - Pavilion

Norway has an unusual pavillon on the eastern ground that can be recognized by a large waterfall. Behind the waterfall be prepared for a surprise, the staff will explain it to you when you're standing in line. I think it's kind of interesting but it probably wasn't worth waiting for more than 15 minutes. But go and see for yourself!

In the second room you get an impression of the country, its people, its petrol and its nature in a multimedia show.

The best of Norway can be found just across the exit, where they serve a lot of different aquavits, at typical EXPO 2000 prices. Next to the bar, the restaurant offers norwegian specialities!

picture legend picture legend
Norway's waterfall Under the waterfall is the entrance to the hall. If you're still lucky in love, use the opportunity offered there. A surprise Here's the unusual. Can you guess what this is? Hint: it was enlarged by millions!
Aquavit until you drop Watch out: Some of them are hard stuff!
We basically "tested" them all during our visits.
Aquavit until you drop You can buy whole bottles as well, but consider the norwegian prices!
Electronical car This norwegian car (Ford served as a basis) can be admired between the pavilion and the bar. At night This is how it can look at night!

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