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EXPO 2000 Austria - booth

Austria owns a large booth on the west ground. This booth we visited on the day with the most visitors at all, 290,000 people at 02.10.2000. The different areas and cities are presented on rotatable screens, due to the rotation the picture moves around. The screens are all heavy in use!

If you enter the queue, you can see the usage of the following equipment at the screens. Then you will enter the very large recreation area. You find some possibilities for relaxing, which is important after a hard walk thru the EXPO. It was an unexpected impression for me, but, you can see, this area is well accepted by the visitors!

picture legend picture legend
relaxHere you are able to relax... relax...after or between a strenuous walk...
relax...across the EXPO area. coupleThis couple before had an X-rated position, but they changed that! Now they are simply relaxing!
visitorsThere is no rush, take a rest! visitorsCalm of mind is the first rule of visitors. Especially at this day!

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