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EXPO 2000 Panama - Booth

Hall 21

Here it is, Panama's booth! When you enter the booth you are captured by the copies of ancient culture. The staff member at the entrance explained them to me (in english that is) and told me to have a look at the map, where the location of each piece is marked. I think the information about country and its people is a little sparse.

What always fascinates me are folkdances. Here some are performed on the large terrace in the back of the booth. Since it was heavily raining outside the audience was probably a bit larger than usually, though.

picture legend picture legend
Entrance The entrance refers to the channel that made the country famous. Map This map marks the location of the ancient Maya- and Aztec findings, whose copies can be found at the entrance.
Poster This poster refers to a part of the exhibition that was still closed. Terrace Stage for the folkdances.
Folkdance The first dance ... Folkdance ... I could admire ...
Folkdance ... at this booth. Folkdance no.2 Later there was another ...
Folkdance no.2 ... dance... Folkdance no.2 ... with other ...
Folkdance no.2 ... costumes and ... Folkdance no.2 ... a bigger group.

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