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EXPO 2000 Paraguay - Booth

Hall 21

Paraguay. South America. One booth. One look. And then a huge picture with water and a dam "Staustufe" in the background. That's what I like. And on asking what that was, we were soundly surprised. A young woman in white explained us in detail how Paraguay uses the power of water. And that is really worth knowing!

These people, about 8,8 Mio., have an affluent amount of energy at hand. They build a dam "Staustufe" in a river, in which they implemented turbine after turbine, 18 altogether. Two of these turbines produce as much energy as one of our atomic power plants. They therefore replace nine! NINE! of our power plants (wouldn't that be something, Mr. Trittin?). And the best thing about is, Paraguay only needs the energy of two of those turbines, the rest is sold. If that isn't an impressive contribution to the EXPO 2000 theme "human, nature and technology"!

They also run a movie about this topic, that deeply impressed me. And I would also like to thank the staff of Paraguay's booth: they attended german schools and can therefore speak german fluently. I hope you'll have many nice encounters with visitors from all over the world, that are open-minded and carry home your very convincing way to produce energy while protecting the environment at the same time. Thanks a lot!

Since I was so impressed I wasn't able to concentrate on taking pictures. The few rather bad pictures shouldn't prevent you from having a good look at Paraguay's booth.

picture legend picture legend
Entrance One booth, one look, but then ... Map That should have been seeds with the river above, the dam "Staustufe" and the power plant, but unfortunately ...!
I apologize, the booth hasn't deserve pictures in such a bad quality!
Poster Since I do smoke pipe myself, I am in favor of tobacco as well as in favor of the EXPO 2000 (which hasn't always been the case)! staff To the left the young lady, who impressed me with her knowledge about the power plant as well as with her ability to present information!

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