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EXPO 2000 Poland - Pavilion

Inside the Polish pavilion you will find a couple of wooden houses that house the actual exhibition. Without a doubt a very interesting concept and construction.

Have a closer look at all the little wooden houses and see what Poland contributes to the EXPO theme Human, Nature and Technology!

picture legend picture legend
pavilion The building of the Polish pavilion only serves as a protection from sun and rain for... interior buildings ...several smaller buildings that all house a different exhibition or even a movie theatre.
interior view Everything is laid out quite vastly, and looks very inviting! Mining View of the "exhibition house" about mines.
model This model can be found in the "movie theatre house", the doors are guarded! Don't miss the film! 02.10.2000 02.10.2000
Also on this day there is real no problem to visit this pavilion.

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