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EXPO 2000 Romania - Theatre Ensemble

Romania presents cultural events. I took these pictures attending a performance of a Romanian theatre group. When they didn't perform in the pavilion they were out on the streets to entertain visitors.

The Romanian pavilion is a well climated hall, at least in the summer, since its sidewalls are open and only plants shelter you from the weather.

picture legend picture legend
street artistsThe theatre group out on the streets. big masksThe artists with the big masks dancing on the pavement.
Dancing with the visitorsThey involve the visitors in their actions. large audienceThe people stop and watch their performance.
HallThe hall is large, high and well climated, very suitable for staying and watching the events. side wallThe walls are open und planted.
Theatre on stiltsThe actors walk on the stilts as if they were on the ground. Theatre on stiltsDuring their performance they actually use the whole area!
End of the performanceAt the end of the performance the actors are glad about the applause.

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