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EXPO 2000 Spain - pavilion

Spain constructed a large open structure on the east ground. This pavilion always had a long queue waiting to be let in, but on Oktober 2nd we were finally lucky. Just after the opening of the pavilion we could enjoy the outstanding exhibition without waiting for hours. The exhibition was more or less made up by four movies displayed in separate areas of the pavilion. After that, we had a look at further objects before exiting into the large hall, which sometimes was occupied by musicians.
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Pavillon Exterior view of the pavilion, which is so large, that taking a picture of it is not an easy task. Namen Recognizing the name of the country had not been easy, since it was made up of glittering pieces, moved by the wind!
Pavillon Interior view of the pavilion, as seen from the ramp leading to the exhibition towards the restaurant. Rampe The ramp and part of the artistical design of the pavilion.
Pavillon The sitting facilities were highly popular.

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