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EXPO 2000 Russia - Booth

Hall 17

Russia occupies a large area in hall 17. I visited their booth on the Russian nation day, attracted by the announcement of a live satellite transmission from the MIR to the EXPO 2000. Unfortunately, that didn't work out. Instead, there was a combined fashion show: live on stage in Hanover and via live television in Moscow.

As you will see in the pictures below, the booth offers a lot of exhibits concerning technology. Nuclear power plants, space stations, high technology everywhere. And you also get to buy original Russian souvenirs.

picture legend picture legend
total viewTotal view of the booth. On the right there are a couple of smaller but richly coloured booths of some of the Russian republics. nuclear power plantA model of the latest type of Russian nuclear power plants. It is shown at other booths as well.
spaceAn example of space technology. space station MIRModel of the MIR, to which a live transmission was supposed to be realized on the Russion nation day.
MultimediaView of the multimedia hall. Unfortunately, the place was too crowded. fashion showAnd here is the simultaneous fashion show in Hanover and Moscow, live and via TV!
Multimedia roomEverybody waiting for the MIR. Waiting for the MIRA little bit later you didn't even come close to the multimedia hall.
republicsRichly coloured and equipped with a lot of exhibits: the booths of some of the Russian republics. St. PetersburgA large model of St. Petersburg.

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