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EXPO 2000 Turkey - Pavilion

The Turkish pavilion was opened to the public very late. When I visited it, they hadn't finished yet. I wasn't there for the official opening and afterwards the lines were too long. This results in only a few pictures to show.

Unfortunately, the Turkish pavilion made the headlines in a lot of newspapers and not because of its exhibition. I'm sure you have read about Prince Ernst August's faux pas. It's a shame that this embarrassing affair shadowed the otherwise great atmosphere at the EXPO 2000! Neither the EXPO 2000 and definitely not the Turkish pavilion have deserved this!

I think everybody interested in Turkey and its visitor friendly people should pay a visit to this pavilion.

picture legend picture legend
Pavilion The appealing pavilion is located on the east ground! exhibition Interior view of the well arranged exhibition.
Oriental outfit At the exit you will find this, whatever you would call it, in a water basin.

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