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EXPO 2000 Great Britain - Pavilion

The pavilion of United Kingdom is a functional building on the east ground, accross the Dutch pavilion. Pay attention to the small garden, which is located in front of the pavilion between the entrance and the exit. It was designed by a 9-year old british girl and made of recycled things. Unfortunately it is hidden behind an ugly wooden box, in this case an information point, as I remember.

The exhibits inside are much better than the outer appearance. The designer of this exhibition changed some of my impressions / prejudices about the inhabitants of the island! I encourage you to visit this pavilion.

picture explanation picture explanation
Pavillon Viewed from outside, it isn't an eye-catcher but don't be deceived, this pavilion has inner values! Modell Model of energy saving houses on the isle.
Bildwand It will take some time to explore these pictures. England Partial view of the exhibition.
Die Briten When you arrive here wait to watch the very nice show. It's worth it! Montage Hopefully you won't see the pavilion this way! But you will agree: The exhibition inside is unexpectedly well done!

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