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EXPO 2000 pavilion of the United States of America

The United States of America (U.S.A.) have developed a very convincing concept for the EXPO 2000. The official theme human - nature - technology was realized in a highly spectacular and impressive way.

No other country has achieved to offer basically all exhibits as consumer goods. So every visitor has the opportunity to buy and take home a piece of the USA at a relatively reasonable price.

And the exhibition ground wide presence of the "land of unlimitited possibilities" is unique and simply incomparable: no other country has achieved such an emphatic impression on the visitor. It is therefore not an exaggeration to state that the U.S.A. will be the most successful exhibitor of the EXPO 2000!

picture explanation picture explanation
mobile task force Here you can witness the ingenious way of involving visitors with the pavilion. Whereever there is a need for basic consumer goods, the mobile task force supplies thirsty humans in no time with modern beverages. a subsidiary One of the subsidiary pavilions. Just be impressed by the run on even the tiniest subsidiary. The visitors, evidently amazed by the presentation, diversity and quality of the exhibited goods, seem to be ready to wait for a long time to finally hold a piece of the U.S.A. in their hands. And isn't it awesome how they integrated the nature, in this case the walls, on which the visitor can sit down to admire her or his own newly acquired piece of the exhibition, even into this branch office?
multifunctional Even the, in most cases slightly unattractive, back of the pavilions is nevertheless multifunctional. In this case it is used as a large deposit area and at the same time it serves as a tripod for countless photographers.
And the worn out concrete stones in front of the door speak of an enormous acceptance of the visitors. This is unmatched: No other pavilion shows that much wear and tear.
a subsidiary= Later I made out another subsidiary of the pavilion. The day I misjudged my stock of films, I came across this branch, that could help me out. This clearly proves that the U.S.A. have worked their pavilion around the needs of the paying (very good paying!) customer. And they even prevent the inexperienced or indecisive customer from choosing the wrong material, by offering just one and of course the best (the yellow stuff!). A perfect example of customer-friendliness!

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