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EXPO 2000 Uzbekistan - Booth

Hall 26

The quite large booth of Uzbekistan is located in the Asia Hall. The country presents itself with rather unusual exhibits. Unusual also the fact, that the beautiful pieces of art are not for sale. If you visit Uzbekistan's booth you should enter its two parts via the bridge that connects them. From up there you'll have a great view of the booth and its neighbours. The members of the staff only wanted to talk Russian, though!

In a brief: Don't miss this booth if you're in the Asia Hall!

picture legend picture legend
right part of the boothBehind this wall you will find the pieces of art and utensils as described below. interior with restaurantA variety of Uzbekistanian goods.
the countryOn the other side of the aisle: geographical and political statements. way of buildingThe model of a ladle for watering.
silkThis material attracts mostly women: silk. This silk is from Uzbekistan. We could even see some cocoons. expensive insectThis insect (1 m tall) is made of expensive wood and jewels. I didn't go for it, though. Have a look for yourself!
stuffThis kind of statuettes is usually just stuff. But these statuettes actually looked good. glassNext to it you'll find things made of glass or even cristal.
furnitureI could't make out the purpose of this piece of furniture. If it is supposed to be a table where can you place your legs?

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