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EXPO 2000 Venezuela - pavilion

Ain' t that something? At first, they postpone the opening of their pavilion from day to day and then it becomes the shooting star of the pavilions. Even from the outside the pavilion is one of the most spectacular buildings on the EXPO grounds, that speaks for itself.

And when you finally approach the exhibition that extends over three floors you discover that the inside is as spectacular as the building itself. The way the Venezueleans (?) present their country is really worth seeing: it's informative, comfortable and beautiful. All elements a visitor can long for were implemented like multimedia, screens, posters, fish bassins and endless plants and flowers. The climate is good depending on the weather, since the pavilion is open.

Once inside this wonderful exhibition you won't reach the outgoing ramp too fast, it's too interesting!

picture legend picture legend
PavilionThe flower halfway open. AncestorsAt first, important people are displayed ...
Fishes... then some fishes ... Moraine... that won't be harmed by this moraine, since it is its own bassin!
InsideAt first look it is slightly irritating, but you'll grow accustomed to it. PanelsYou actually get to read these information panels since there is enough room for all visitors.
CarrierThe whole construction is carried by its main carrier in the middle. BassinsAs said before: Bassins, flowers and space.
CarrierThe upper part with the technology for the opening and closing of the flower. Beneath it: plenty of room for the exhibits. In the eveningDetails from the highest floor, just the leafs shelter you from the rain (or maybe sun!).
total viewThe bud almost in total! AufliegerOne of the ball-bearings of the roof, when the bud is closing.
ExitYou exit by this ramp after you have seen all there is to see. EverythingUnfortunately, I never saw the bud fully opened, since it was too windy!
OpenAfter all: The bud is open! A so called "Queen of the night!".

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