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EXPO 2000 Day of the police

It was October 2nd, 2000, the day of the police.

Anywhere on the grounds you could find a double patrol, one policeman from Germany, one from another country. The German police was supported by approx. 300 constables and policewoman.

But there were more events, too! All of a sudden, you could find a helicopter of the German border police, on the opposite side there was a truck from the Lower House of the German parliament (tomorrow is the German national day) and last but not least, you will be confronted with the German Chancellor and his bodyguards!

Really a wild day!

picture legend picture legend
Helikopter This helicopter of the German border police is equipped with night video and an infrared scanner. Two engines with 900 H.P. each and a maximum weight of around 4.900 kilogram. Helikopter The cockpit, all High-Tech, computer everywhere....
Bundestag The Lower House of the German parliament is also present, tomorrow is Germany's big day! Bundeskanzler This gentleman you should know: German Chancellor Mr. Schröder, he kindly visited the EXPO many times!
Bundestag Our Chancellor realized the importance of the EXPO 2000, he is present! Polizei The nice, small new motorcycles of the EXPO policemen, build by BMW.
Polizei Fasten your seat belt, but there is no need for a crash helmet! Sicherheit This is the central traffic control, also the security staff is located here.

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