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EXPO 2000 Visit the ARD-Studio

During my visit to the ARD studio at the EXPO 2000 they just produced a live talkshow. In another room some staff from the NDR (local broadcast station) studio in Hamburg asked visitors about their impressions of the rooms.
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ARD studio 01In the front you can see some exhibits from a museum and in the back the studio for live productions. They have plenty of seats for visitors. ARD studio 02Nice old cameras with which they recorded films back in the old times!
ARD studio 03And this is a cutting table for 16 mm films. Here, they synchronized sounds and actions and glued the actual film together. ARD studio 04I remember this well since that was my first job: With this apparatus they used to record reportages. With the crank you had to fast forward and rewind manually!
ARD studio 05And here's a team from the NDR filming the EXPO 2000. ARD studio 06My wife was explained how to work these cameras, while being filmed. Unfortunately it will be broadcasted locally, so we won't be able to see it!

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