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EXPO 2000 Christ - Pavilion / Church

Close to the Plaza the EXPO 2000 church, the Christus Pavilion can be found. An open structure with a lot of glass and space to gather your thoughts. Attend one of the services or events! It is really worth visiting.

It will serve as a monastery after the Expo 2000.

Here you will find more information about the Christ Pavilion (German language): http://www.ekd.de/christus-pavillon

picture legend picture legend
Christus pavilionView of the pavilion from EXPO Plaza. EntranceThe entrance area.
your guess This picture consists of five single pictures, taken inside the pavilion. Can you guess what they show? They are parts of the windows of the pavilion!
thirsty Are you thirsty? No problem, not only spiritual needs are met! A reference to the U.S.A.-Pavilion!

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