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EXPO 2000 Exponale (Bridge)

To connect the east and west grounds of the EXPO 2000, that are separated by the highway, a large bridge was build. They searched for a name with a contest: "Exponale" made it.
This bridge with all its lamps is so large, it even can be seen from space. You will surely use it to reach the other ground of the EXPO 2000.

As a reminder: The east ground features most of the countries' pavilions and was build from scratch for the EXPO 2000. Most of the pavilions are already sold and will be used after the EXPO 2000.

On the west ground the already well-known fair halls (CeBit, Hannover Fair) contain many countries' booths and also the theme park. But they also build some new halls that will be used for the fairs in years to come in contrast to their temporarily installed neighbours: some countries' pavilions. Those will be removed to meet the fairs' needs.

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Exponale: large bridgeExponale
Large footbridge in the dusk, east side, connecting east and west grounds of the EXPO 2000.
Exponale: large bridge Exponale
Large stairs leading from the Exponale to the west ground of the EXPO 2000.
Exponale: large bridgeExponale/Planet M
Large footbridge at night, east ground. Next to it the Planet M pavilion from Bertelsmann (long waiting hours).
Exponale: large bridgeExponale
Large footbridge. Closing hour's approaching: Lots of visitors on their way to the east exit.
02.10.2000, 10:0002.10.2000, 10:00
Entry East, Plaza and Exponale in the background. Today 290,000 visitors at the EXPO 2000 area!
02.10.2000, 17:0002.10.2000, 17:00
Exponale with Planet M in the background. Many, too many people, but the visitors mostly are in high spirits.
02.10.2000, 17:0002.10.2000, 17:00
Large footbridge near Planet of Visions at the end of the Exponale, sometimes much more visitors sitting there! It was a strenuous, but nice day at the EXPO 2000 in Hanover, Germany.

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