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EXPO 2000 Other things

Here's the stuff that I wanted to show you but couldn't place in any of the other categories.
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ghost of the earthThe ghost of the earth of Andre Heller is located on the west ground. It was selected the landmark of the EXPO 2000. Since I was there I have to admit: The promotion campaign was very professional: If you didn't want to fill out the election card, they would talk to you for hours!
ladies at the north entranceThese ladies are seated next to the tram station at the north entrance. They are chatting without a pause. They must have quite a lot to talk about because they are sitting here since the first day of the EXPO!
art projectThis piece is to the right of the CeBit-Hall, if you are walking from the north entrance towards the theme park. I always asked myself, which kind of trick they use to achieve this: art project in between?!? EXPO-PassThis passport is very popular. You can buy it and ask for a stamp at each booth or pavilion!
SeilbahnThis is the central cable railway station east, where both lines stop. In this station you can also visit an exposition about mountains, snow, avalanche and other cool topics, it is included in the fare!
Wine VillageThe Wine Village is located across the large stairway and the planet of visions. This bottle made of bottles can be found there, inside there are computers. But they do not only sell wine: You can also eat in the Wine Village! WineAt these booths you can taste wines from different areas. Very nice place. For smokers: Here is a building only for cigar smokers!
entertainmentThis is what makes the EXPO 2000 so special: A clown or artist, taking his time to talk to the kids. For them it is often hard to understand the problems of the grown-ups.
new windmillThis isn't really EXPO 2000, but it suits its theme. It can be seen from the east ground looking to the east! MosaicThis huge mosaic is located in front of the Congress Center and consists of millions of small tiles!
Allee der B...15.10.2000
The colors tell it clearly: It is autumn (or fall) and the EXPO 2000...
Allee der B...15.10.2000
...is close to it's end! The queues grow in length....
...the Plaza is decorated with more or less naked statue's...
...and this view out of the German Pavilion. Hey, the prices are falling (due to the fall?!), it is close to the end of the EXPO!
Also for the younger EXPO-Visitors are something to explore. This 'Weltenschaukel' has the entry at the bottom side, you enter it... and get relaxed!
Also this you can find at the EXPO: Inside this pool, some meters down, should exist the 8. wonder of the world! I didn't know, what it is, I wasn't there. But if it was necessary, they dive top- and bottomless, mainly in the summertime, as the EXPO Journal reports! See the clothing of the visitors, it isn't hot, it was really cold.
Plaza...and then: A pavilion for a good dialogue at the Infocounter, relaxing and ... YIF...this crazy car, composed of thousands of parts! You can't drive it!

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