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EXPO 2000 Flambee nightshow

Well, the Flambee...! I wasn't really sure whether I should publish these pictures, since their quality is more then questionable. Wrong kind of film, no tripod, not a seat on the grandstand but underneath the wooden roof at the portugese restaurant..., nothing was o.k., really.
But since I most likely won't be able to take different pictures I wanted to give you an idea what thousands of visitors get to see every night. And don't forget: They are noisy. No, I don't mean the visitors, I'm talking about the Flambee!

picture legend picture legend
grandstandIt's already a problem to get a good seat. You must be at the grandstand at least one hour before it starts. PortugeseUnless you can afford to book a seat at the TUI or... sit at the portugese restaurant!
it starts The show starts in the air and on the water. At first with fire and light. FlambeeWhat does happen on the water? ... I have no clue!
Flambee A waterfall from the beams serves as a screen. FlambeeOpen fire, but the fire brigade is waiting in the back!
Flambee Water and Light, doesn't look bad, does it? FlambeeOn the right screen there is a wall of water and a picture (can even be seen in this picture!)
Flambee In these pictures the curtain... Flambee... of water can easiliy be recognized.
Flambee As I said before: Water, fire and light! FlambeeAnd when it's getting windy the screen get's really shaky!
Flambee Someone must have won something, or what's the crown for?! FlambeeFinally, the fireworks.
Flambee Even the carriers are illuminated, but the heart didn't burn that night. FlambeeSpecial effects everywhere ...
Flambee Every visitor is staying! FlambeeThe final gong, Game over!
The run at the tram begins!

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