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EXPO 2000 Grüner Punkt (Green Point) - Pavilion

German waste disposal / recycling company

Since the Grüner Punkt advertised its "recycling bowl" a lot, I didn't think it worth the visit. (If you need to advertise something it usually is not really needed!). During our last visit to the EXPO 2000 we went to see it nevertheless. First impression: The waiting time was extremely long! But it was worth it!

Until now I didn't directly judge the pavilions, but I always tried to decide whether I would like to visit a pavilion a second time. To my own surprise the "recycling bowl" would be on top of that list! This might correlate with my personal opinion that we all produce too much garbage and that this company (hopefully) works hard to reduce this flood and to recycle as much as possible.

So far, I couldn't name any products that are made of recycled materials. In the Africa Hall (Hall 12) I found some goods that were definitely made of recycled materials, but that was the first time I ever encountered them. My over all impression was that the Grüne Punkt is really willing to change something. It would be great if this impression would become reality.

The movie about the fully automatic garbage sorter was very impressive, but the rest of the exhibition was not less magnificent. At first, everything seems to be just a vision and not yet reality, but please help to make it stay real. Please!!!

picture legend picture legend
recycling bowl This is how the recycling bowl looks like from the outside. Due to the plants in the waiting area you don't see just how long it will take you to get in! recycling bowl inside One of the first impressions of the inside.
recycling bowl inside The sloping floor provides a large variety of surprising information concerning recycling and other topics. total view The interior design is just amazing. One of the highlights.
Garbage, garbage, garbage That's what I'm saying: A lot of industrial branches live of producing, advertising and selling garbage and help to pollute the environment! Fragment I admit: I didn't get it!
Pavilion Nice decoration. Getting crowded A growing number of people and everyone staying relaxed. What is going on?
recycling bowl A view above: A fan? After questioning the staff we learned that a twister starts every hour! Twister Too bad! Since I was wrongly positioned, I couldn't really see it!
Game over Game over!
In a brief: Everyone interested in the future of mankind and the environment should have a closer look at the recycling bowl. And you should be ready to be measured by your success, Grüner Punkt!
Still exist 26.10.2000
This Pavilion still has long queues, too much for a last visit!

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