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EXPO 2000 Germany - wooden roof

On the west ground Germany probably build the largest cantilever roof of the world. In the pictures below you can see some details of the this huge construction.

Since I didn't know what would happen to the roof after EXPO 2000, I asked one of those ladies with their cool silver suits (and a belt with a large "i" = information). Yes, the cantilever roof will remain and be used for other fairs as well. So if you want to know something, just ask a member of the staff!

picture legend picture legend
cantilever roofSome of the posts of the cantilever roof seen at night. headpiece of one post of the cantilever roofHeadpiece of the cantilever roof seen at night.
partly I cannot fit the whole roof in one picture! In the background you can see the technology for the daily flambee. cantilever roofIf you go back a little, these wooden huts are in the way!
at night The roof is impressive, especially at night when it is illuminated. The only thing that really bugs me are the atrocious wooden huts all over the place.
cantilever roofYou have already seen the nutcracker at the daily parade and here it is parked against one of the posts of the cantilever roof. TotalFinally, here's a picture of the whole cantilever roof!

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