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EXPO 2000 Making of...

Nowadays every project calls for a second project, called "Making of..."! This rule is also valid here. During the development-phase of this site some problems came up. Which dimension is best for the pictures, which quality do I need, considering the speed of the internet? How to organize such a growing project?
First a list of the steps:

Pictures: All pictures were taken with an CANON EOS-Camera, lenses from 20 mm to 200 mm were used. Partially with flash.
Films: Mostly Kodak 100 - 400 ASA (too much red color during the overall processing), some Agfa 100 - 200 ASA, one Fuji 800 ASA. All films are for paperprints, copied 13 * 18 cm in size Agfa paper (Discountprice photo dose).
Scan: UMAX Astra 600, all scans with 300 dpi in TIF-format, partially with color correction(Kodak).
Picture: The processing on a PC was done with Paint Shop Pro 4.14, licensed. The TIF-pictures are converted in JPG-format with single compression to get the master picture. The medium sized pictures (long edge 640 points) are compressed 16 times. The thumbnails are normally 150 points by 34 times compression.
Site: There are no site-generation-programs in use, because I favour the transfer of data, not garbage! To speed up the transmission to you, I used only native HTML. No frames, no banner, no bullshit! The development was done with an ASCII-editor from Billy-Soft.
Server: APACHE server located by 1&1 puretec based on LINUX.

There was a question concerning the picture details: The pictures with effects (long time exposure, tricklense) were taken by using a tripod. The picture of the total woodroof and the France pavilion were taken the same way. They were taken at f-22 which leads to 1.5 - 30 seconds exposure time. The other pictures were taken by hand, without any supporting mechanism. If you want to take pictures during nighttime, you need a tripod. At nightfall you can work well with 800 ASA film, if you have a good lens (1,4 - 1,8)! But take care, the 800 ASA film has relatively flat colors and a visible granulation, but if you compare the results with the film in the yellow boxes, the pictures coming from the film in the green boxes are much better. Remember: On the EXPO there are ONLY yellow films available, no other color!

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