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EXPO 2000 Mexico - flying men

These artists came from Mexico. What they do is really awesome: they climb on a tree trunk 30 m (120 ft) high and "fly" down. The whole ceremony is religious and so a priest is on top of trunk and holds a service and while the men fly down he is playing music.

And this show is real, they do it at home all the time and there is no security line or net or anything like that!

But this was just performed during the first days of the EXPO 2000. So you won't see them live unless you fly to Mexico.

picture legend picture legend picture legend
flying mexicans 00The tree trunk on the east ground. flying mexicans 01First, they all walk around the trunk. The priest is playing music. flying mexicans 02The four flying men climb up at first.
flying mexicans 03They reach the top and sit down. flying mexicans 04They pull up the ropes and wind them around the top. flying mexicans 05The rest of the rope is tied around the legs of the flying men.
flying mexicans 06Finally the priest climbs up the trunk... flying mexicans 07...and mounts the top of the trunk. flying mexicans 08Up there he plays his instrument and dances!! Even on one leg only!
flying mexicans 09After finishing the preparations the flying men let themselves fall back and now they hang only at the ropes. flying mexicans 10Since the ropes were wound around the trunk the roll off slowly and... flying mexicans 11...the men fly down slowly.
flying mexicans 12The priest stands, sits, lies down and... flying mexicans 13...dances on the top... flying mexicans 14...playing his music...
flying mexicans 15...while the men... flying mexicans 16...go down... flying mexicans 17...and down.
flying mexicans 18The arrival on the ground is very smooth... flying mexicans 19...in a certain height they simply remove the rope from their leg and then they land! flying mexicans 20Then the priest comes down...
flying mexicans 21...not without thanking the audience... flying mexicans 22... that is giving them standing ovations! flying mexicans 23They pose for the photographers...
flying mexicans 24And since that many people wanted to take pictures the pose in front of the Norwegian pavilion. That was really something!

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