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EXPO 2000 Plaza - Project PAPMAAF

By their appearance I would guess they are from Africa (Ivory Coast), but you will learn more about the group, their story and the background story about their problem if you follow this link PAPMAAF.

Following the above link will probably make you to judge parts of the EXPO 2000 in a different way. On this site, however, you will only see pictures of their performance on the EXPO Plaza, at night!

As I learned today (09.08.2000), the group has new problems: Their boss ran off with all their money. Further information is available at Money gone

picture legend picture legend
VisitorsGroup from the very back of the audience. MusiciansSome of the musicians/singers.
Boss Probably the most important member. The ladiesThe ladies on the right, the gentlemen on the left.
colorfulThey've got the groove... The gentlemenOh well, the gentlemen, look a little strange sometimes.
SongI surely didn't understand a single word, but the music's good! InstrumentsTheir choice of instruments reminds me of Stomp...
The ladiesThey keep the rhythm and provide the background sounds. grooveThis guy was just great.
DynamicAlthough I prefer women, these guys did really a good job! into it...Whatever he's singing about, he's really into it.
into it...As well as them... OrchestraThey play precisely!
SoloThis lady has power, that's for sure. Total involvementEveryone is giving their best.
VariationThey are also very flexible! What was next?What was next?
???Unfortunately, I am not so good with music critques. Otherwise I would find more words like powerful, native... EnergyHe just goes on and on and on and on...
???Nature's men...! DisciplineThe ladies always show discipline.
Scott' s skirtNot only the Scottsmen wear skirts! Scott' s skirtStill full of energy!
OrchestraIt's not a case of childwork, is it? SchamaneThis "person" was suddenly directly behind me in the audience.
FinalThe final. Well done, although I had some problems with the language. ZuschauerIt was late at night and already dark, but the Plaza was packed!

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