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EXPO 2000 Parade

Every day at 4.30 p.m. the large parade starts at the "Allee der Bäume (west)". The members of the parade change quite often. These pictures were taken on two different days. The thumbnails are smaller than usual to allow for a quick loading of this page.

But this event was last executed on September, 30., 2000!

picture legend picture legend picture legend
Parade 01This vehicle is full of action! Parade 02First, the large moving "doll". Parade 03The clouds around this vehicle are simply vaporized water!
Parade 04Acrobatic achievements under bad circumstances. Parade 05The accompanying team in waterproof gear! Parade 06Action in, on and around the vehicles.
Parade 07She looks quite nice, doesn't she? Parade 08Naturally a lot of music. Here are some instruments! Parade 09I couldn't find out, what these balls are for.
Parade 10These ladies have large polsters! Parade 11A kiss for each photographer! Parade 12Monocycling is not enough for this guy, he has to juggle as well.
Parade 13The music of this group is as unusual as their appearence. Parade 14For kids. Parade 15For kids.
Parade 16Musical tricks with the audience. Parade 17What can be done with telescopes and other apparatus... Parade 18What a hole...
Parade 19This lady was all happy. Parade 20Music machine with a cycle motor, depending on the speed! Parade 21We are the future...
Parade 22children... Parade 23...from... Parade 24...different...
Parade 25...countries. Parade 26 A large wooden wheel, carried by a forklift. Parade 27Plenty of music...
Parade 28...is provided... Parade 29...by this vehicle. Parade 30Once again!
Parade 31The EXPO 2000 taxis! Parade 32The audience is really attracted by the parade. Parade 33A turn in front of the Wine Village and it goes back to the alley of trees.
Parade 34The vaporizators in action, everybody out of the way! Parade 35If you didn't have enough so far,... Parade 36...you will be thrown at with grains!
Parade 37Have a close look... Parade 38...he's doing it with four balls! Parade 39And here's a belly button dedication!
Parade 40This theatre group playing on the west ground. Parade 41If this isn't the pied piper from Hameln! Parade 42The future is approaching, the children!
Parade 43The parade is a lot of fun for these kids! Parade 44All of a sudden, there is an elephant! Parade 45I guess, having grass in the wrinkles of his proboscis, is quite normal for this guy...
Parade 46...or are the animals not looked after well? Parade 47I wasn't sure, whether these are visitors or members of the staff. Parade 48At the end the large "doll" is hung up in its proper place, until tomorrow!

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